Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Professionalism Presentation

I will be presenting a power point presentation to the faculty at H. Guy Child Elementary Wednesday, Dec. 3. The title is "Professionalism, Ethics, and the Contract". I robbed it from another colleague, Nikki Peterson, from Granite Education Association. I have shown it at a few schools in Weber and in Ogden. If I haven't been to your faculty meeting, have your Association Rep or your principal call and schedule it. I think it is important that our association promotes professional behavior and it never hurts to have a reminder of the dos and don'ts that get us in trouble. To enter in this month's blog contest, send me an email (rick@ogdenweber.org) with the word "ethics" in the message. I will allow you to enter more than once. Thanks for reading. I will post from my NCUEA meetings in San Jose tomorrow. Rick

New Blog Contest Starts Today

Congratulations to Alicia Mason, Mound Fort, for winning the November contest. Alicia won a 25 dollar gift card to Olive Garden. Weber's winners will be drawn next Monday. The new contest will start now with directions given each week in one of the daily blogs. This month you can enter more than once, giving you better odds. Today I am attending the Transformation Task Force at UEA meeting to look at ways we can better serve you as a member. In these tough economic times, your dues dollars need to be spent in the best and most efficient manner possible. About half of your UEA dues dollars come back to support our UniServ office here in Ogden. I hope you contact us with any concern or question that we can help with. We are here to serve and represent you. I will be attending a NCUEA conference in San Jose Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. I will post on information I learn at the meetings. Look for rules coming this week. Thanks for reading. Rick