Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UEA President explains dual endorsement

President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh sent a message to members yesterday explaining the UEA's dual endorsement in the Governor's race.

"...the U-PAC (UEA Political Action Committee) is made up of representatives from all areas and UniServs of the state. ...we engaged in a lengthy conversation (and) ...requested that all members of the U-PAC go back to their constituents and ask for their feedback...I also e-mailed the local presidents and UDs (UniServ Directors) explaining the process...the dual endorsement decision was made based upon this feedback and discussion...The U-PAC chose a dual endorsement because of several factors...A brochure with a side-by-side comparison is being developed (and will) be mailed to members."

Both candidates have been invited to the UEA Convention and will speak.