Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interesting Education Articles

Failing Grades: Letter to Editor in Salt Lake Tribune (www.sltrib.com) JoLynn Miller grades the legislature.

Lisa Schencker writes in the Salt Lake Tribune: Changes proposed to extended-day Kindergarten (www.sltrib.com) Taylorsville Republican Johnny Anderson (owner of day cares) proposes changes to extended day kindergarten.

Utah Lawmakers want to destroy education to save it: Charles Trentelman-Wasatch Rambler in the Standard-Examiner- (www.standard.net)

Read and enjoy (make sure you take your blood pressure medicine first)

Today's "Makes your blood boil" Blog Contest Question: What local State Senator wants to give control of public education to the Governor through a constitutional amendment? (Hint: He took Jon Greiner's spot.)

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