Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Friday, June 12, 2009

OEA Asks for mediation of contract negotiations

State law allows for either the OEA or the OCSD to declare an impasse after negotiating for 90 days. According to the law we notified the school district and the Utah State Board of Education in writing. We will work with the district to agree on a mediator. The OEA has recommended requesting assistance from the Federal Mediation Office in Las Vegas. We have communicated that request to the Federal Commissioner, Supt. Zabriskie and Supt. Patti Harrington. If for some reason we can't agree on someone, the State Supt. would appoint someone. Jordan Education Association is the only other district at impasse that I am aware of. They have already agreed to the Federal Mediator and will begin in late July. If the mediator is unable to resolve the impasse, a Hearing Officer would be appointed to hear the case.

OEA will issue a press release today concerning our request for mediation. We appreciate your support and the OEA Negotiations Team is working hard to preserve salary and benefits that are so important to our teachers.

OEA Negotiations at Impasse

OEA's Negotiation Team notified the OCSD and the State Supt. of Instruction of their intention to ask for a mediator to help resolve the impasse in negotiations. The OEA and the district will choose a mediator to come work with the teams and resolve the impasse. We look forward to beginning the mediation process. Stay tuned.