Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Thursday, August 5, 2010

OEA Negotiations to meet Friday

OEA's Negotiation Team will meet with the district team Friday morning to continue discussions. The school board is meeting in executive session tonight to discuss negotiations. Our OEA Executive Board will also meet Friday to discuss the negotiations.

WEA's next Mediation meeting is August 11 with the district and our mediator, Lynn Trenbeath.
Weber's school board approved the move to EMIA for our IHC network. We will continue with Altius also. They also voted to "blend" the premiums payments. The district has not offered any increase on their contribution to insurance premiums.

Project Soar at Weber State enters its fourth day with a "Day in the Schools" for the students. They will be spending most of the day in Davis Year Around schools.
UEA sponsored a "Power brokers" luncheon yesterday that allowed students to meet College of Ed staff and also district administration.