Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Monday, August 10, 2009

Email me for a copy of the negotiations summary

Sorry about the webpage. Our webmaster (directly flown in by owl mail from hogwarts) is working day and night (at least that is what his green sheeted overtime pay sheets say) and yet... you are stuck with me the blog master. (or is blog meister)

The Standard- Examiner seemed to imply that Quality Teaching Days were not optional. If you did not attend you did not get paid. The ARRA days are similar in that they are optional (the OEA encourages you to attend). You must attend an entire day to get paid. Also the idea that teachers only work at school when they are paid is ludicrous (second word I had to look in the dictionary to spell) Okay, all together...count up the days you have been at school, in your classroom, out of contract time...okay...got that number? Now multiply that times by $200.00 and woo la (sic) you are rich. I was glad that a principal was quoted in saying that a "majority" of her teachers are dedicated. Wow...to imply that our teachers can't get ready for "back to school" nights unless they are paid to do so is (checking thesaurus for synonym of ludicrous)_______.

Ok, my rant is over.
At least they announced our ratification meeting. Wed., August 12, 3:30 at the UniServ office

See you there...no...sorry no pay...totally on your time...we do have soda and snacks though.