Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dallas Cowboy Stadium to Say Goodbye

I never liked the Cowboys, but my son Kurt loved them. Probably because I took him to a meeting where QB Danny White spoke in Pocatello, Idaho when Kurt was young. We have had a healthy rivalry since. "How bout those cowboys". Kind of sad to see the 37 year old "hole in a roof" stadium be demolished. (cheap at 12 million bucks). Learned about solving "Tough Problems" today. I learned that we all have different "working styles". I seem to be an "amiable" "driver". I like to get along with people, but don't have much patience for slow process. I like things done now. It will be good to get back home. I miss the snow...not.

I graduated from Beginning Power Point

Five years ago, when I was hired for this job, I told the interviewing committee that my "level of technology" was white board...barely. Must be a generational thing...baby boomer that I am. I was the only one in my sesssion that seemed excited with "Clip Art". I always get excited when one of my searches on clip art brings up a new picture...also disappointed when my search for "evaluation" brings up nothing. My trainer gave me some kick butt graphics and places to go to look for other cool things like audio, video, etc. Google "American Rhetoric" for some great speeches. I worked on my power point that I use with the WSU Intro to Ed class on "School Law". So I feel empowered with power point knowledge. Of course, I will forget everything again by the time I cross over into the Mountain Time Zone. Again, thanks for reading my 128th blog entry this year. I hope it has given you a bit more insight into your association. Rick in Dallas