Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Legislation: The last of the worst...

Here are the last of my blogs on legislation of note. You can go to www.myuea.org and check out all of the legislative voting records and more detailed explanations of legislation.

  • SB179: Math Education Iniative would require the legislature to appropriate money to award grants to school districts and charter schools to adopt the Singapore math program and would impose requirements for honors math courses and teachers. UEA opposed because it is not the legislature's job to decide curriculum. Did not pass.

  • SB206: Labor Organization Provisions in Teacher Contracts requires that an employer promptly cease or commence a union dues wage deduction upon the written request of the employees. Passed. UEA opposed it as unecessary since we already do it.

  • SB224: Partisan School Board Elections would have required that Utah State Board of Education members be elected in partisan elections. Did not pass. UEA opposed.

  • SB256: Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation Process moves the teacher evaluation system to the district level and removes the requirement of "reasonable assistance" for improving performance. Passed. UEA opposed it.

  • SJR1: Joint Resolution on State Board of Education Authority would have placed control and supervision of public education in the hands of the legislature. Did not pass. UEA opposed it.

  • SJR9: Joint Resolution-Governance of Public and Higher Education would have amended the constitution to place public and higher education under the governor's control. Did not pass. UEA opposed.

Whew....that was painful.