Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Ogden Teachers Rally for Collective Bargaining

Monday, February 28, 2011

UEA Legislative Issues:State School Board Elections

As the legislative session winds down (thank heaven for small miracles) we need to contact our legislators about some important issues. Today's issue: State Board of Education elections.
  • The current process takes away the voice of the people.
  • No other elected state official is vetted through a nominating committee appointed by the Governor.
  • A direct, no-partisan election would increase accountability to voters and better involve the community in the electoral process.
  • A non-partisan election would allow for implementation of good policy, free from party platforms.
  • Simplifying nomination and election procedures would increase transparency.
  • A recent poll shows Utahns reject the idea of partisan school board elections.

Contact your legislator and inform them of our positions.

Today's "only 9 days left of the session" Blog Contest question is: whose pictures are on the blog?

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